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Reality software is a rather small group producing accessible games ("Games designed to be played by low vision or blind users").

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Planet side mission, cygnus alpha

By the year 2340, in the wake of the red warp and project alpha insadents, full scale conflict raged between the federation of human worlds empire, a government baste on the ideas of unity and scientific advancement and the colonial alliance, a faction seeking to libberate the worlds of the empire and reverse the effects of the project alpha disaster. While the federation empire struggles to maintain a base of operations onboard the partly repaired phoenix red warp while seeking to further its scientific aims, the colonial alliance discovers the empire's former base of operations on cygnus alpha, a remote, windy planet located in the cygnus system. The alliance sends a former federation vessel, the phoenix firestar to the planet to investigate a possible project alpha infestation and to kill off any evackuating federation soldjers on the planets surface so as to deal a heavy blow to the empire. So far, since shuttle landing is done and the crash sequence is being worked on, i've started building the planets surface. You currently have 1 outpost to explore on the planet's surface, which will be the starting point for getting some starting gear, once the crash sequence is fully coded I intend to add in the gear generation and the first use for ground vehicles in the game, that is driving across the planet's surface towards another outpost, having to fight off several federation soldjers as you go. In other news, death match mode is somewhat more staybelized, to a point where you can now play it for long periods, though it still needs some work, however along with the weapons their are bots that will walk around and kill not only you but each other making for a quite entertaining experience. Well anyways, better sign off for now, i'm actually quite tired.

Dm 2 updates

Yes, 2 updates to report in this post, so sit back and relax. So first up, we got our online mission. The first mission is neerly coded, i'm at the stage of landing a shuttle. When landing, you remain in complete and total control, allowing you to cruise over your chosen landingsite. However, only shuttles are capable of landing. In stark contrast to dmnb, shuttles no longer land inside a capital ship, instead they must approach the vessel, maneuver along side and dock to an airlock on that ship, allowing free passage for 2 people bording between ships. So far landing is completed, the basic framework for it that is. You can land a shuttle, but you won't be able to relaunch it. However you can exit out onto the surface of the moon, planet, or asteroid your landed on. In the future i'm intending to add in a few things for landing, such as warning if your landing with your nose too high or if your speed is too fast. Next up, we've got death match mode. Not too much progress has been made in this area, so far you can join a game of your choosing and wander around. However i've got weapons now coded, and if your aiming at a person shooting will now reduce health. The only thing i've gotta work on now is death, then I can add in the additional bonus stuff like items and whatnot. Well, that's all for now.

Death match 2: the return

Greetings all. Yes, i'm back, at least for now after my last canceled project and a few months break. I won't go into details seeing as everyone probably knows them, however I figured it was time to do some rennivating and remove the old site, as it was rather rushed in its construction. However, as usual when I do these news postings, i've got a bag of stuff ready for you, so lets get started. This announcement is a little old, but I figured i'd post it here anyways. A while ago, after the release of project alpha, the first in the new reboot of my death match series, I had announced I was working on a sequel to the game. The sequel whent through 2 phases, the first a complete recoding of the engine, but the storyline proved impracticle and it hit a dead end. Next, I tried upgrading the project alpha engine, and developed into what was at that time known as death match prototype. Again however, the project hit a dead end, as I could not figure out a way to continue the storyline, guess you could say I was suffering a bad case of writers block. However, i'm pleased to announce that after a long break from the series, death match returns on the project alpha saga, with dm 2. Taking place in the 2340's, just 5 years after the phoenix red warp, sinak, and inderion9 disasters, dm 2 reveals a galaxy fast unraveling as humanity struggles to survive the ravvages of deep space, away from a home planet that can no longer supply its native population with enough resources to survive. Even worce, the project alpha virus is unleashed, free to drift through space, bording from ship to ship and consuming whatever it pleases. On one side, the federation of human worlds empire a notoriously unstable government responsible for the red warp and project alpha disasters and the ones possibly responsible for the spread of project alpha throughout known space, an empire well known for advancing science at the cost of human lives. On the other, the united human colonial alliance, a government seeking to libberate earth and its sister colonies from the dangerously inept federation empire. Meanwhile in between, the rest of the galaxy now knows what happened to glimmer of hope and its crew, and it seems as if it didn't stop the project alpha threat at all.


Dm 2: the return already has quite a number of features implemented into it, including but not limited too... *Full rotational support and 360 degree movement. Unlike the first game, dm 2 is now a full on fps stile game. You can rotate your character and move about the games world and interact with objects, all in full 3d with hrtf support builtin. *Cross platform. Dm 2 works natively with windows and linux out of the box, no speshel configurations required. The linux version outputs through speech-dispatcher and has support for switching between speech synths like festival, flite, and ibmtts. *New vehicle system The game has a vehicle system that provides support for space, air, and ground vehicles, and even see going vehicles. Once you've learned how to pilot one vehicle, you know how to pilot all of them. *2 Online modes. Universe mode allows you to experience the fully open world of the death match universe, complete with missions system to give you that project alpha feel. Pilot a starship, drive a hovercar, even ride a skateboard around your resident city. Complete various missions on the online campaign, either with a team or by yourself. Death match mode removes all the extra's of universe mode and the central deticated server, instead giving you a map on a server of your choice where you and your friends can battle it out in the same tridition as halo or quake. No storyline, no missions, just pure killing. Well, that's all for now. Hope you've enjoyed that news update.

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