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A closing chapter

Greetings audio gamers. This will be my last news post to the site, and the last time you see me hanging around the audio games community. Though by now its probably old news, I figured i'd announce this publicly. Its no secret that ff has been in developmental hell ever since it started, this ties even grater into dmnb. Lets rewind a bit back to the project alpha days so I can explain this a hell of a lot better. When I first started game development, my situation was drasticly different. I was still in school, and at the time I had begun a new life in fl. At that time, game development was a lot more enjoyable than it is now, and it was helping me not only overcome quite a few problems in my personal life but was getting me more connected. This is where, in my opinion, the quality of my work really showed. I was modovated to add new features to my projects, I had plenty of free time to do it. Enter dmnb, and my move back to arizona. Initially it started out rather well despite its bumpy beginnings. Their was one problem however with it, and this effected my layter work as well. I had made the game rather adicting. Way too adicting in fact. Cuppled with a highly stressful move back to arizona, I slowly just got fed up. I began to see my work as pointless and tiresome, I still see it that way. Further complicating matters was that an unprepared community couldn't seem to cope with what I was doing, see the constant ban evasions for examples. I've always said that I wanted to be treated equaly like a gamer, not be annoyed by constant praise and questions. Thus the problems that game development had initially helpt me get fixt resurfaced. Social problems, lack of modovation to do anything, etc. These problems are the reel reason why I shut down dmnb. I'll confess that i've never felt like I belong in this community. Fortune's frontier has only served to highlight that I need to get quite a lot of problems fixt, and has only served to aggravate this feeling of not belonging in this community. Thus, i'm announcing that i'm resigning from the audio gaming seen. I'm beyond tired of audio game development, sick of the constant nonstop sitting at my computer developing and then being praised ruteen, etc. I wanna get out and sort my life out, away from skype, away from audio games and away from this community. As for this site, i'm leaving it up so though's who want my work can grab it. Because i'm not providing support for the site or my work, I won't make any prommiss's as to what's going to become of it. Though hopefully it contributed, even if a little small to the community. As for fortune's frontier, its not happening. I've considered giving it a new home, but no one seems really intrested in trying to find a new home for it, or else its the i'm not going to find anyone to take it over ruteen. Thus, i've cleared the sourcecode from my hd. If someone else want's to try and make something like ff, they can go ahead. I'm sirtenly however, done being the pyaneer and my personal view is that ff is better left in drydock where it started. As for my contact info, i've uninstalled skype and tw blue and no longer check my audiogames.net account, because I don't want people coming after me inquiring me about my work or asking me to come back. I respectfully ask that no attempts be made to contact me about my work. I have no intrest in maintaining it and i'm way more happy away from this community.

And now...

Coalition report. For menny melennia, long before we humans were forced into the void of space by a home planet that could no longer supply us with enough resources to thrive, we, the human race as a hole have asked ourselves one question. Were we really alone. Was their perhaps, some grate alien civilization waiting for us to take our place among the stars. The answer we received upon taking though's brave first steps out of our own solar system was... disappointing to say the least. For though we colonized menny extra solar colonies, we found no other sentiont life besides ourselves. And so the question turned to... was their at somepoint before us an alien civilization, one that perhaps romed the stars as freely as we do now. To answer this question, the once proud empire we call the unified human colonies alliance, or alliance for short, constructed what was at that time the galaxy's largest exploration class vessel. The cosmic oddicy was designed to find the answer to that very question. But she vanished midway through her mission. For 60 years the ship has been missing, until now. We've located top secret research data hidden deep with in alliance archives that detail the location of the oddicy and are dispatching the opertunity with a small crew of 3 to investigate. Now, the public will get the answer it deserves. And this time, the alliance won't be able to back themselves out of it. What you've just red their is an excerpt from a text log for fortune's frontier's offline storyline. No, this doesn't mean its out. But it does mean its neering a very early beta. While i've given brief updates on various systems and the game in general in the past, its time for a full explonation on what fortune's frontier is. To put simpply, fortune's frontier is the successer to both the original dm ritten in bgt, and the project alpha timeline. Fortune's frontier takes the best of the project alpha timeline, improving on the major backstory and over all game universe, and combines it with the online open world aspect of dmnb, improving it baste on player feedback from both dmnb v1 and v2. Several new revamps have gone into the game differentiating it from the games before it, including a boss fight in the storyline, rebalanced systems, more action sequences and cross platform support. For the offline mode, ff stays true to the objective baste gameplay of the original project alpha, with an improved backstory that can be expanded on through downloadable missions, rebalanced upgrade system, more open world exploration requiring you to look around for some of though's supplys you might desporitly need for the next enemy encounter, improved weapons and actual cutseens. The online mode takes the basic open world, spaceship exploration concept of dmnb, both v1 and v2, but completely gutts the hard core pure activities automated feel of both versions. Instead, several changes have been implemented such as, a much more interactive ship piloting system. No more just inputting a destination on autopilot, setting a speed, and going on long boring automated trips. In fact, their is no autopilot. When you select flight controls on whichever console has it, your put into an interactive flight mode where the aero keys control the directions of your ship, while A and D act as your ships throttles. You can use S to check your ships speed and C to check your ships coordinates. Adding to this any object that is in your current vicinity will play a sound and pan as you move, indicating how close you are to that object. This means that if your not careful out in deep space you run the risk of very well losing your ship. Space combat has also been drasticly improved. For though's who don't remember, dmnb's space combat was extremely clunky. You selected a target, then sat their as your weapons fired and did damage. While the process of selecting a target and firing a weapon was changed up for dmnb v2, ff takes this to a new level. Keeping in line with the reel time starship piloting system, when your in control of a console that has weapons you can select a weapon with the number row. Just like in a triditional audio game holding space will fire your currently selected weapon. Online mode guts the original mindless mud stile activities formula of dmnb and instead brings in a much more involved feel of the ff universe, copying over where project alpha accelerated and what dmnb v2 started. This means project alpha's creations may storm derelicts, ground combat is a reality with the same weapons and weapon upgrade system as the offline mode with the additional adjustments that you can shoot other players. Improving on what dmnb v2 started, skills make a return. However they make an impact on the way you play the game. For instants, if your of the starship pilot class and you have a rather low astro navigator skill percent, you'll find that the acceleration of your ship suffers, this depends on the acceleration of your ship and your skill at piloting. Revamping the online account system the game now offers a brand new creation system. I demoed the start to this system in a recording on audiogames.net a few weaks back, but for though's who arn't in the know here's how it works. When you create a player, your prompted for a first name and last name. After you enter though's, you'll need to choose a faction to join, this determans what different assignments/objectives/ships you get access too. Alternitively, since their are currently a few activities that are just their for just making credits, or if you just want to strike out on your own, you have the option of choosing freelance. After you choose your faction, you then get to choose the ship you want to be assigned to in that factions fleet. Note, this does not mean your captain of that ship. All the faction ships have been custom built. Once your done with that, then you at last get to choose your class. Each class has a differing set of skills, so choose wizely. After that your dropt on your assigned vessel, though this is intended to change in the future. Their's also an improved crash system. While at the moment, it'll still stop gameplay, boot up times are no longer a problem. It no longer takes 30 seconds to 5 minutes to fire up the game, and even if a crash is happened, their's a new checkpoint system that constantly saves the state of the game every 31 seconds. Which means that even if you end up losing data do to a crash, unless something bad happens to the server itself, the data you lost if any isn't by much and can easily be recovered. And a lot more features that I forgot at the moment. With all that, strap on your space helmets, zip up your spacesuits and get ready.

Worshipping a game dev. Why its not good to do

Before I begin, let me start by saying i'm aware this may lose me some supporters but no one else is going forward with it, so I will. I also know this isn't like the normal news stuff I post on the site. But given I don't have a blog, and this pertains somewhat to game development, i'm putting it here. Let me start by saying if you are one of the few who have me on skype, who know me beyond the game developer, in otherwords if you manage to become one of my friends, you know that I generally don't discuss my work. This also applys on other games. When i'm on other games, unless specificly asked, i'm their to have fun away from my own work. Crack a few jokes, what have you. And of course, if we get into conversations about other games, guess what. I'm a human being too, and will openly state weather I like a game or not. Game developing is something I enjoy, but I am at heart, a gamer who also enjoys some degree of writing and reading, when he finds a good book and its not forced on him. This is all fine and dandy of course. The point i'm trying to make here by writing what I just said, is that this is who I am, and this is my opinion. I bring all this up in view of a recent ishue that has come up, one that has been present for quite a while but hasn't really surfaced until now. We recently herd the news, that survive the wild, an online game developed by sam tupy now requires payment in view of cheaters. This is all fine and dandy. Their are though's who obviously wern't happy with the change. And then their are though's who took to twitter to state the age old argument of you are not entitled to anything, so quit complaining and fork over the money or shut up. This is the type of crap i've come to address. First off. By saying a person isn't entitled to anything, you in effect arn't entitled to state your opinion, that they should shut up and be grateful. Their is an age old thing that keeps being forgotten here. While these players may not be entitled to the game, they are in fact entitled to their opinion. And unless the rules of the game say, thou may not have permission to post unfavorable comments while playing this game, they are entitled to post their comments on that very game. Let me take a short break first, to explain to everyone what you sign up for when you become a game developer. As with anything you sign up for, their's an upside, and a downside. Their is no perfect system. Sometimes you do good, sometimes you do bad. You are still however, a human being. When you develop a game you are subject to the same public scrutiny as every other person or corporation who does game development. And i'm not saying this as a type of you have to like game development to do it kind of statement. However, you do have to accept that not everyone will be grateful, not everything will glitter, not all of your games will go gold and not everyone will agree with your choices. Returning back on course. If I have the right as a human being to come up on a website and post, dead space 3's co op is incredibly cheezy, though's people along with yourself have just as much right to bitch on their game of choice about how they don't like another games choice. Telling them to shut up isn't going to change that, and in fact it just promotes the very things we blaim the sited community for. If you want sited people to notice you, you have to advicate. If you know something is rong, advicating again is the key. Which means you are entitled to speak out, thus also entitled to your opinion. And while we're on the subject, this hole we have to be grateful for our small community of devs aditude mentality really needs to stop. If you are saying that players arn't entitled to speak their voices on a game about a choice they don't like, by your logic, the game dev is also not entitled to develop games for this community. The excuse that... we're smaller than the sited community and thus every developer counts doesn't even apply anymore. Its not 2009 or 2007, you have bgt and a hole array of tools to use if that's what you need, and this isn't even the period where every new game released was a giant awsome thing that people celibrated for weaks on end. If you want better quality games, opinions have to be made. And sometimes, you arn't going to like though's opinions. You will lose devs, devs will lose fans. Just as it is up to you to speak your opinion on a game you don't like, it is up to the dev to decide weather to cry about it, or ignore it and go on. If they leave because some people felt the need to express their personal opinion, then that's on them just as much as it is on you for being a dooshbag. And last of all, a message to our current devs including myself, and future devs. Remember we're all human beings and have as much right to behave however we want. Just remember that in the public scrutiny your reputation sticks with you, it won't go away when you develop a new title. Its ok to be grateful for support but at the end of the day, remember that everyone's entitled to an opinion just as you are. If you can state that another dev's game sucks, they have just as much right to say it about yours, when they want and where they want. Welcome to the reel world, and your welcome.

Long time, no update

Greetings all. Its been quite a while since i've posted an update. We're talking, quite a long while. Quite a lot of new things to report as well so sit back and enjoy. You'll know most of these updates if you follow the audiogames.net forum. First off, a major change has been upcoming to the dm series, and so has a new name. The project, now renamed to fortune's frontier, has been going through quite a few new upgrades since the last time I posted here, so lets get started, for reel this time. Starting us off is the drastic upgrade to the objective system portion of the games engine itself. In my last update, I posted that storyline development had begun and that their were plenty of side missions. I ended up gutting that entire code for a brand new, reuseable objectives system. Which not only allows me to add to the game's storyline with out having to edit the code, it also allows me to release additional content, also known as downloadable content. In keeping in line with this, much of the initial storyline has for the most part changed, though i'm not releasing any details on it until storyline development is back fully on track. I mentioned a while back that I was still considering a game like dmnb, meaning online, but more story driven. At this point, i'm pleased to fully confirm that an online mode is present in fortune's frontier. While their are no activities or storyline quests, i'll list what's been completed below. As exploration and location design was one of my favorite things about dmnb, i've braught back the ability to fully explore spacecraft. However, the fully automated vessels of dmnb are gone. Meaning, you are now the pilot fully in charge of flying a ship. All one simpply has to do is walk up to a console and select flight controls, and they will be in flight mode instead of the normal 2d walk around mode ("very uninventive, I know"). Page up and page down will control your ships engine speed, while the aeros will control your ships direction. Fusion jumps have gotten a major upgrade as well. When you calculate one, you must accelerate to fusion speed, speed 100 and press f to activate the jump. While in fusion space, its your job to steer your ship as a series of fusion beacons will come at your ship. In correct navigation can get you lost. Space combat has also been improved drasticly. One of the major complaints about dmnb was the menu driven combat system, which is now gone. When your in flight mode, pressing a number on the number row of the keyboard will switch to a specific weapon, depending on what the console has, holding space will cause you to fire that weapon. So as you can see, the basic, playable fraimwork for online mode is their. Activities and storyline quests might come layder, though right now i'm trying to get storyline development going again. Though my testers and I are using online mode to craft a much better universe than the original project alpha and dmnb had put together. And if that wern't enough, i'm pleased to announce that cross platform support is implemented. Its in a barely playable form, so far online mode can be played but a lot of the more fancy things are missing, offline mode needs a few adjustments. So far the game's been tested on linux. That's all for now, but i'll try to get back to posting updates here when their's more new things.

Even more updates

Yeah, i've ran out of titles for these news postings. I should probably get a blog for these updates anyways. Quite a few new things to report this time around, and not engine wize, next installment wize. Since the backstory for the new installment has finily started to take shape, i've started on the next installment in full swing using the engine i've been coding. Baste on previous feedback, i've decided to once again give planet side environments a try after project alpha, and this is what the prolog of the game will take place on. However, space environments do make a return. I'm happy to announce that side missions are a thing in the engine, and the first of these has already been implemented. In the prolog of the game, these are crashed spaceships on the planets surface that you can enter. Once you start the mission you can collect useful supplys and get some more details on the story of the game, i'm not spoiling it here. As I mentioned previously, the game now uses a checkpoint system in that you can save in different slots when you need to. The game also features an auto save system, saving your progress when you complete various objectives on the save slot you saved on last, if you haven't saved on any this will normally default to the first slot. Talking of objectives, with the factoring in of side missions you now have the option of either doing the side missions or just going onto your objective as normal. To make 2d navigation even easier, holding shift and pressing p as was described in dm prototype a while back will give you the coordinates of your next destination. However, instead of flat out telling you just the coordinates of your objective and leaving you to find your way, the system is programmed to detect which rooms you'll need to go through to get to your objective. This means that it'll generally, if your not in the same room as an objective, tell you the coordinates you'll need to go to for the right door, which can serve as a prytty handy navigational aid and will hopefully keep people from getting lost. As for in game cutseens, they are just like I showed in the previous project alpha update when I was working on it in pure basic voiced by tts, just in case anyone want's to step up to the plate for voice acting in the future instead of just flat out text. These cutseens have been blended in with the libaudioverse engine's environmental effects, so if someone speaks and your on a spaceship you'll here the reverb. Right now i'm working on the options system for various settings you can configure, and adding more to the storyline. That's all for now, but i'll be sure to report in with more updates as they are ready.

updates again

Greetings all. I know i've been getting rather in frequent with these updates since i've slowed down a little on coding, this one should be worth it though. First off, the extention of environmental effects to the next level. In my last post, I mentioned that I had intigrated libaudioverse support into the dm engine. Now that work on the actual engine has finished and i've moved over to the actual game itself, i've been adding a few more things. One of these were vacuum environments. For though's who haven't played project alpha, vacuum environments were airless environments as their name suggests that provided you with a time until your air supply ran out. This was never used extensively in the game and only 2 specific parts ever utalized the system. For though's people who remember though's parts, you'll remember that vacuum environments were rather fake in the way they were prezented. You could still here for the most part most of the game sounds, with muffled footsteps being an actual file done in gold wave. However, not anymore. Vacuum environments received a drastic upgrade that makes them more difficult to tackle, with no sound editing required thanks to libaudioverse. When you enter into a vacuum environment, the sounds will become quieter and become filtered or muffled, this includes enemy sounds. This means that when traversing across a vacuum and if an enemy springs out at you, you'll need to pay attention to what your doing in order to successfully kill it. This applys to almost all sound effects including footsteps, doors, enemies, even the sound of your weapon as you fire it. So pay extra attention when in a vacuum environment. Next up, tractor beam modules. One of the things people reported they liked about project alpha and dmnb v2, but didn't like about v1 was its usage of the tractor beam module, allowing you to pull heavy machinery back into place. The system makes a return this time round for 2d, and to aid with this, systems that show up on the games detection menu will display not only their current coordinates but also where they normally sit at, telling you where to drag the system to, which should hopefully help people not getting stuck. The next and final part I can think of for this update are the level designs themselves. A lot of complaints about the last 2 installments in the series were focused mainly on the level design and the areas being far too wide. Let me reitterate before I explain this. My type of futuristic or science fiction, whatever you want to call it, differs more in line with the ship designs of red dwarf and dead space, as aposed to the works of star trek and starwars. This is not to bash any of the 2 series. While i've admitted last year that i've never really been a trekky, I still believe star trek has its various strengths and weakness's, I just myself don't watch it, and I hardly know that much about starwars so I won't get into that. However the complaints about ship design are reasonable in this case given the 2d layout, and as much as I hate to admit it, scrolling games don't capture the specific designs and actual layouts as good as 2d does. I'll still keep up with the hole metro system/tram idea that red dwarf and dead space used instead of turbolifts as was done in dmnb v1, and i'll still have though's big areas, but for the most part, i've been scaling the hallways and corridors of my level design back to be a bit less clunky. I'm hoping at least that this, combined with the return to dm 2d implementation of 2d as described in a previous news post here will hopefully not only be less clunky for though's who said side scrolling designs were easier to navigate, but also return the look and feel for though's who mentioned to me that side scroller took a large portion of detail away. Anyways, that's all for now. I'll try to put out updates more frequently instead of implementing something and waiting for 4 days to tell about it.

engine upgrades and other stuff

Greetings all. Since its been a while since I posted an update ("I need to get back into the swing of writing these again"), I figured it was time for an update. One of the strongpoints of project alpha a few have expressed worry about losing were the environmental effects. For though's who haven't played project alpha, the environmental effects were different environments that took mono sounds and played them adding a different level of reverb to them. For exampple, traversing between a specific entrance of a deck on red warp and going strate into a small access corridor. In pure basic, FreeSL was the driving engine behind all the environmental effects. Since their was no FreeSL binding ritten for python, I decided at long last that i'd sit down and give libaudioverse a try. This has resulted in some rather better environmental effects than were present in project alpha itself, I may publish a recording at somepoint showing off what the engine sounds like with libaudioverse effects enabled. Talking of the dm engine, most of the core fraimwork i've been working on is largely complete, including enemies, which means I can start on the next installment or the major update to the project alpha timeline. I've already sat down and rote a basic outline for what i'm thinking for the storyline. Since their were some rather major errors I could not correct in the original project alpha timeline and still keep the series going, i've done some major readjustments, which will also explain why humanity is the only race in the galaxy in the series at present. The timeline still focus's on project alpha and D N A modifying as the original project alpha did, but project alpha's origination and some of the background has changed, I won't spoil it. Next up, even though its long been closed, dmnb. Every now and then i'll receive a question as to weather dmnb will come back or not. This question is rather difficult to answer, given their are several reasons as to why I closed dmnb. Some are obvious, while some i'd rather keep to myself. Part of the problem I had mainly with dmnb, which v2 and its new mission system attempted to tackle was to put simpply the concept itself. One of my favorite things about the series in general that I enjoyed the most was the storyline. With each new installment in the series, the storyline got better and better. The idea itself as a matter of fact, started off as a small story I rote for class in 2011 that I had intended to write as a small game, round the time I first discovered dead space. For something like this, story is something I take rather seriously. After all, their's only so much you can do with rp with out having a solid direction or basis to build off of before the hole thing seems like its mindless. This was exactly the problem with the concept of dmnb and it was even pointed out as so, but something I didn't realize until late in the development when I returned to project alpha. Furthermore was the storyline of project alpha itself. When I came up with the idea in 2011, I hadn't even drempt of the possibility of a sequel or even a series, nore did I even think the idea would grow like it did. Project alpha initially started out as me deciding to remake my first ever release, that being a very basic side scroller version of dm far different to what the series is now in pure basic, using FreeSL to power the engine. As time progressed however, the remake grew. Since I had a rather hectic summer at the time, I threw myself into my work and eventually finished what became the first beta of project alpha. The actual idea and name of project alpha itself were thought of 2 days before the initial release, which as evident in level 5 created some intresting defects in the storyline. Given the fact I was also working on the vast space mud at the time, I had little time to consider how to patch up the defects. I effectivly rote the storyline into a dead end and didn't realize it until I started paying full attention to the missions I wanted to code in dmnb v2. The short summory is, I have not entirely closed off the entire idea of producing an online game. I still believe in that area of gaming and think it could serve some use to the series. However, the concept of doing mindless activities over and over again while attempting to roleplay doesn't appeal to me as it once did. If I did the hole online thing again, i'd not want another mindless game i'd grow tired of in 5 months. I'd want it to be connected to the series, have some sort of storyline and perhaps a much better missions system. The short answer is, dmnb might return, some day. It sirtenly won't be in a year and it sirtenly won't be the same concept. However, baste on how successful this next title is when its released, may determan weather i'll write another online sequel or not, but it as said before, sirtenly won't be in a year.


First off, I know its been a bit since I last posted to the site. My last announcement involved the shutdown of dmnb. On audiogames.net I said I was working on a newer installment of the series in python, since c++ didn't work all too well. To clarify, this engine i've been working on serves as a basis for future games I code, not just in the dm series. So far, i've gotten in the following. Multiple areas and maps support, meaning that it'll be easier for me to build levels and add them into the game. Improvements to the menu system that have been long requested, including the ability to hold aeros while scrolling. As a number of people again have expressed worry about the original side scroller format ruining the shapes of levels and over all area design, i've decided to revisit 2d. The result has been making the rooms much smaller. Instead of you approaching a door, pressing enter, you walking through it, closing it and having to memorize longer coordinates, rooms can now be a set size, say 50 by 20 or 20 by 20, whatever they are. Each room has a set number of doors you can walk through that leads into a different room, which again is either 20 by 20 or 50 by 50. So now you don't need to keep track all the time of some longer coordinates. Pressing enter on a door will auto walk you through it into the new room, set the coordinates, then close the door behind you. This should hopefully make 2d a bit less clunky for people as this means I can still keep the areas and ships big, but make the rooms inside them smaller. In addition, elevators provide access between different areas. You board them through any door just like you would any normal door, then you interact with a console and select the floor you want. Once the elevator arrives at said floor, you can head out through the door you came through to enter into the new area. Weapons have been intraduced again along with galactic network terminals, and they now resemble though's of dmnb's stile rather than the original project alpha weapons. Taking another thing from dmnb, the item system has been upgraded to use the inventory system. 0 gravity environments have at last, been intraduced to the engine. When you enter one, you will float in the direction of whichever aero key was last pressed, you can change your direction by pressing another aero key. This effect lasts until you exit 0 gravity. Currently i'm coding enemies and spawnpoints, and changing up the behayvure from both project alpha and dmnb so that they don't follow you all over the place including through doors. However I still intend to keep the difficulty level you had while fighting them. Well, that's it for today's update. Once the engine is complete enough for me to start using it, I intend to start coding the next installment of the dm series.